The Digital Convergence Forum from GS1 US - June 2018
  • 2018 Digital Convergence Forum

    June 6-7, 2018 | Phoenix, AZ
    The identification of everything makes anything possible

“It’s a terrific networking opportunity. To see, hear, and learn firsthand about the latest challenges and technological advancements in today’s digital landscape is priceless.”

“Took me out of my myopic, ‘blinders-on’ view of my own business, and lets me see the bigger landscape.”

“Informative. Forward looking. Presents future implications we should be thinking about right now.”

“First-class content.”

“Throughout the forum, I kept thinking: this is great stuff, how do I transfer to X person/function/leader?”

“It was truly an eye-opening experience, which exposed me to many things of which I was previously unaware.”

Key Takeaways

Blockchain and the Trust Economy

Trust is under assault. Data breaches, an epidemic of ransomware, and social media scandals have shattered consumer trust. Blockchain may well be a way to counter this lack of trust, but blockchain success depends on all parties working together to transform legacy processes based on standards and delivered on interoperable platforms.

Product Content is the New Consumer Channel

Digital technology has disrupted every traditional means of reaching consumers. But there are rewards for companies who are able to leverage product data to help create consumer experiences. Content is the differentiator; and marketers are excited about delivering hyper-personalized experiences, through the application of artificial intelligence, product content and user context data. However, few are really prepared to deliver. Investing in big data is the easy part–using it is hard.

Whatever Can Be Connected Will Be Connected

The sheer numbers of sensor-laden environments and machine-readable digital identifiers provide physical products and environmental features with the ability to communicate constantly. The internet of everything isn’t just about smart devices. Even “dumb” products can be tracked by their unique identifiers, and thereby they will have a digital history that allows for dynamic services that engage with end consumers beyond the purchase.

The Technology Genie is Out of the Bottle

Advancements like artificial intelligence, conversational commerce, and machine learning are here and now, creating enormous disruption and opportunity.  But they require large, accurate, and structured datasets to deliver maximum value. Standards play a pivotal role in helping organizations implement these technologies. So now’s the time to prepare for a deluge of new data, smarter cities, and ever-accelerating technological change.

The Unique Identification of Everything Makes Anything Possible

Everything in the physical world has a digital twin. The internet of things (IOT) promises to bridge the gap between physical and the virtual. Digital technology is redefining business processes and reshaping the very concept of a product.  Old models don’t work any more. Digital uniqueness is here to stay, and there is a fundamental need for rock solid unique identification. Unique digital identifiers are permanent and immutable, providing a way to identify anything.

Provocative Sessions

Adaptation requires stepping out of the familiar. Challenge yourself to rethink and retool to keep up with the pace of change.

World-Class Speakers

Interact with the experts
who are turning digital disruption into creative solutions to complex problems.



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